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Wahine NZ Inter Island Ferry Sinking 50th Anniversary Stamp
Wahine NZ Inter Island Ferry Sinking 50th Anniversary Stamp
Murray, Sharon & Sarah Major Waiting To Abandon Ship.
On 10 April 1968 the New Zealand Inter Island Ferry, the Wahine, was caught in a fierce storm and ran aground on Barrett Reef in the mouth of the Wellington harbour and capsized.

Sarah was 6 months old and on board with her parents Murray & Sharon.
Her mother Sharon threw her off the ferry down to a young 18 year old man Mike Fisher waiting below in a lifeboat.
Sharon then managed to scramble onto the lifeboat herself.
Her father Murray dropped into the water and held a rope on the side of the liferaft.
A tugboat appeared, and once again Sarah had to throw Sarah, this time up to a waiting sailor who caught her safely.
All three managed to survive.
There were 734 people on board, and 53 people died. 
  28 Oct 2018
Reichswald Forest Cemetry Germany Entrance
Reichswald Forest Cemetry Germany Entrance
  28 Oct 2018


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Edvart & Leamon Omundsen
Edvart & Leamon Omundsen
Mangatera Cemetry Dannevirke New Zealand 
     13 Nov 2018
Sigvald & Anna Ommundsen Tronstad
Sigvald & Anna Ommundsen Tronstad
Greipstad Cemetery Kristiansand Norway 
     13 Nov 2018
Cyril & Rita Omundsen
Cyril & Rita Omundsen
Aramoho Cemetry Wanganui New Zealand 
     28 Oct 2018


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Hanley, Kevin 
b. 12 Feb 1926  Huntly New Zealand  16 Nov 2018
Benefield, Frances (Bub) Mary 
b. 7 Jan 1921  Wanganui New Zealand  16 Nov 2018
Amundson, Ole Andrew 
b. 1852  Freydenland, Greipstad, Vest-Agder, Norway  13 Nov 2018
Omundsen, Edward Joseph 
b. 4 Nov 1930  New Zealand  11 Nov 2018
Omundsen, June Pentland 
b. 23 Jun 1925  New Zealand  11 Nov 2018
Crabb, Nellie Mary 
b.   New Zealand  11 Nov 2018
Omundsen, Arnold Cecil 
b. 12 Sep 1899  Dannervirke New Zealand  11 Nov 2018
Omundsen, James Edvart 
b. 14 Apr 1893  Dannervirke New Zealand  11 Nov 2018
Irwin, Sarah (Sally) Georgina 
b. 14 Apr 1917  New Zealand  11 Nov 2018
Omundsen, Roland Gilbert 
b. 19 Jan 1910  Tipapakuku Dannevirke New Zealand  11 Nov 2018

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I105  Anton Edward Omundsen  I592  Karlisha Morris    10 Nov 2018
 I587  William Belton  I588  Ann Howett    8 Nov 2018
 I145  William Thomas Benefield  I146  Esther Martin  31 Mar 1872  5 Nov 2018
 I36  Murray James Major  I885  Sharon Allayne Oakley    28 Oct 2018
 I586  Elizabeth        25 Oct 2018
 I2828  James Webb  I2829  Charlotte Boxell  11 May 1803  25 Oct 2018
     I798  Colleen Gundersen    24 Oct 2018