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1 2 sons & 4 daughters Head, Lucy ann Elena (I734)
2 Aaron died at 9 months old, twin to Danielle. Boobyer, Aaron James (I132)
3 Adam died accidently Lee, Adam Ronald (I264)
4 Agne is buried with her father JJ Murphy at the old Heads Road Roman Catholic Cemetry in Wanganui Murphy, Agnes Frances (I38)
5 Alexandria was adopted de Goey, Alexandria Josephine (I825)
6 Alvena is buried in the Aramoho Cemetery in Wanganui, Plot 15 Public Lawn, Ext/111/F Kemp, Alvena Margeret (I49)
7 Ana was adopted Hausvik, Ana Carolina (I1096)
8 Arrive at Hokianga 5-11-1837
Married her daughter's ,Mar-Anne, husbands older brother Edward Walter Murphy 
Davis, Anne (I1548)
9 Arrived in Wellington NZ on the Waikato 11-7- 1874, then to Wanganui on the Rangitira 20-7-1874 Benefield, William Thomas (I145)
10 Arrived Wellington December 1840. ! Daughter 3and 1 son 8months.Also onboard
older brother Robert and family. 
Signal, Samuel (I675)
11 Ashiya was adopted Omundsen, Ashiya (I475)
12 Babara is Gregs Partner Cockayne, Barbara (I1161)
13 Bertram is buried in the Settlers Cemetery Alexandra Street Dannevirke - Main Section, Block E, Plot No. 62

Bertram was shot by accident at age 7.
The newspaper article on the shooting can be found below.
Omundsen, Bertram Leslie (I17)
14 Birth and Death Certificates Wanganui. Signal, Emily Ada (I662)
15 Blair works for NASA and lives in Florida Smith, Blair (I1241)
16 Borghild and Aasbjorn got married in a Norwegian seamans church in Brooklyn New York
They stayed in Brookland for four years 
Tronstad, Borghild (I318)
17 Born 12th August 1859, at Frydenlund, Norway. At the age of 16 he went mackerel fishing in the summer and wood cutting on Flekeng Island in the winter. This lasted 2 years then he worked at home until 19 years of age when he finally left in 1879.
He sailed to South America and back to Kanick in Scotland, then left on an English ship for the East Indies, then back to London where he was paid off.
From Hamburg he sailed to Baltimore in the USA on a Nova Scotian vessel.
Paid off and shipped on the same ship for Waterford, Ireland. The ship went on the rocks at Minehead.
From Barrow he went to Port Augusta in South Australia. The next nine weeks were spent in casual work ashore during which he saw much of Australia.
He sailed from Port Pirie to Port Natal in South Africa, from there to the West Indies and on to London.
He then shipped on the ?Glengory?, captained by captain Fisher, for Lyttelton New Zealand, where he berthed in 1882.
He left the ship as he had had his jaw broken when hit by a boom and conditions aboard the ship were poor.
He worked on a coaster from Kaiapoi to Waitara taking timber to Kaiapoi and potatoes to Wellington.
He walked to Carterton and later to Woodville where he worked on the railways.
Later he took up land at Matahiri in partnership with Max Kaiser. After this he drew a farm at Maharahara where he met Leamon Carter and married her on 25th February 1891.
They moved to Tipapakuku then Piripiri where he died in 1940, and is buried in the Mangatera cemetery in Dannevirke. His grave is at row ZI Plot No.6
Omundsen, Edvart Tobias (I13)
18 Born at the Rathbone Maternity Home Waipawa Kemp, Trevor James (I70)
19 Born Moyra Vickers Hill, Judith Marion (I690)
20 Brendon & Jane are Partners Family F659
21 Brian was Teresa'a partner Reeve, Brian (I243)
22 Carly and Steven are partners Malcom, Carly (I140)
23 Catherina used to be Raymond's partner de Goey, Catherina (I124)
24 Catherine was adopted Benefield, Catherine Anne (I1992)
25 Changed his name from Ole Tobias Sigvaldsen Amundson to Tobias Amundson
Tobias went to the USA in 1911, and was deputy sheriff in Elbow Lake Minnesota from 1939 to 1958.
Sigvaldsen Amundson, Ole Tobias (I338)
26 Charles was Sarah's partner Hatcher, Charles (I1162)
27 Children living in USA Omundsen, Shirley Rita (I613)
28 Clive was adopted as a Cavanagh Butcher, Clive John (I2084)
29 Colleen and Raymond were divorced Smith, Colleen Margeret (I762)
30 Come to NZ in 1847 to Howick, and are buried in the Catholic Church there Murphy, Michael James (I1560)
31 Craig died of muscular dystrophy Dustow, Craig John (I804)
32 Cyril is buried in the Aramoho Cemetry in Wanganui , Plot 316 Roman Catholic, Lawn B/5 Omundsen, Cyril Leonard (I11)
33 Daniel is Anthea's partner Woodman, Daniel (I1180)
34 Danielle died at 15 weeks old, twin to Aaron Boobyer, Danielle Gaye (I131)
35 David was adopted out Tawhiti, David (I977)
36 Deborah is Terry's partner Blair, Deborah (I1237)
37 Divorced 1982 Wanganui Benefield, Allan John (I184)
38 Dorothy lived in La Falla California USA Amundson, Dorothy (I340)
39 Dorris Hope was adopted by Maude and Lionel and was Maude's neice Omundsen, Dorris Hope (I419)
40 Edvart Tobias Omunden left Norway in 1887 and finally settled in New Zealand Omundsen, Edvart Tobias (I13)
41 Edward died of TB at 17 years of age Omundsen, Edward Joseph (I614)
42 Edward dies in action in WW2 Murphy, Edward (I2306)
43 Emigrated with his parents and, at that time, two siblings (listed on the passenger list as Bingham? aged 6 and Sophia 9 months) in 1878, leaving from Plymouth to Wellington on the Hermione. Mayes, William Richard (I677)
44 Enger died of diabetes @ 14 years old
She is buried in the Settlers Cemetery, Alexandra Street Dannevirke - Main Section, Block E, Plot No. 65 
Omundsen, Enger Marie (I644)
45 ex school teacher Stirrat, Stephen (I682)
46 Four childrens names unknown Scully, John (I2429)
47 Francis and Vicki live in London and are partners Fitzpatrick, Francis Allen (I1270)
48 Frederick Johnston born in New Zealand,
He married Amy in 1901 in NZ he fathered Alice, Dagmar, Eric and Earl in NZ, migrated to Victoria after 1910 and was found in Warrigal Victoria. 2 more children were born Mavis who lived 1 month and Colin.
Frederick joined the army in 1914 as Frederick Ormond Johnston married with NO children. (see his army records) He disembarked in 1914 and according to his service record a bomb exploded near him in France.
He next married in England, Violet Perry and a baby Ngarie Violet Ormond was born 1916.
He was engaged to another, Sarah Busby who also had a baby girl Gertrude Violet was born 1916. Sarah would not marry Frederick as she discovered he was already married.
On his return to Australia he married Veronica Kirkbride and another baby girl also called Ngarie ( she later changed the spelling to Ngaere ) born 1919.
In 1928 a Govenor General's enquiry was held with a Mrs Johnston in England looking for support for her and her child. Frederick went out for milk and did not return to Veronica and Ngaere.
He was not seen again until 1948 when his daughter Ngaere born 1919 went to New Zealand and found him, she said I am your daughter
Fred replied " madam you have the advantage of me, call me uncle"! (cited by a friend Betty Dunstan, who accompanied Ngaere to find her father)
Frederick soon after married Marjorie Trevothrick in NZ

Frederick listed his occupation on joining the army as an engineer, but he joined as a cleaner.
He also was a driver and a medical stretcher bearer.
He was a corporal and made acting sergent (see army records NAA)

On all his marriage certificates his occupations were different, a farmer, a chemist, a medical practitioner and an apiatrist.
He was in truth a bigamist ... who deserted his wives and children and went on to get married again and again.  
Johnston, Frederick James (Ormond) (I2803)
49 Gabrielle is Michael's partner Thorpe, Gabrielle (I1293)
50 Gary was adopted as a Davy Davy, Garry Francis (Butcher) (I2085)

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